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Before you risk your hard earned funds, invest in a contract review.

Assured Property Protection Services

We’ll check for unfair terms and other red flags and summarise important facts you need to know. With an informed review comes peace of mind. For a standard purchase, we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Upload the contract here or authorise us, and we’ll contact the selling agent for a copy on your behalf.  

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  • Checking the Title in the Contract is for the property you are buying,  

  • Investigate covenants, easements, mortgages, rates, taxes, compulsory acquisition notices, planning and building matters that can affect any property, 
  • Ensure you receive any Land Transfer (Stamp) Duty exemption of concession you’re entitled to, 
  • Protect you from debt by making sure the Seller pays their share of council and water rates, land tax and body corporate levies if they apply,  
  • Keep your Lender, the Real Estate Agent and the Seller’s legal representative informed about your situation,
  • Supervise land transfer, payment of fees and charges and ensure all documents and legal requirements to ensure transfer of ownership to you, 
  • Notify the relevant rating authorities of your purchase including the local council, water authority and Owners Corporation if applicable. 
Off-the-plan properties can be a great investment but can be tricky to understand and settle requires a lot of work in a short space of time.

After what can be years of waiting for your property to be built, Settlement is usually required just 14 days after registration of the plan of sub-division. There’s no time for last minute hold ups with finance or compliance with settlement regulations. We’ll take care to ensure all is ready and you’re fully prepared. Need advice?
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