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State Transfer Duties, Land Register Fees, Rate Adjustments, Bank Charges, and Conveyancing Expenses, with Considerations from State Revenue Office and Victorian Land Register Calculators, Emphasizing the Importance of Personal Circumstances in Cost Estimation.

Property Purchase Costs Overview

In addition to the purchase price, there are other costs that must budgeted when buying property. These include

  •  State Revenue Office land transfer (stamp) duty
  •  Land register change of owner record fees,
  •  Adjustments of council and water authority rates between the vendor and the purchaser,
  •  Bank fees and electronic conveyancing costs.

Following are links to State Revenue Office and the Victorian land register manager (SERV) calculators. 

Make sure to read the latest information from each of these Authorities and remember the calculators give an estimate of the costs only and do not take into account your personal circumstances. 

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Land transfer (stamp) duty is paid to the State Revenue Office every time property transfers from one owner to another. Duty is payable whether the land is transferred as part of a sales transaction or as a gift. There can be exemptions or concessions depending on the type of transaction and your personal circumstances.

The following links will take you to the Victoria State Revenue Office website for information and up to date stamp duty calculators. The calculators provide an estimate only and may not take into account your individual circumstances and should only be used as a guide.  

Exemptions and Concessions

Information about exemptions and concessions for some land transfers is available on the following pages,

Spousal (Love and Affection) Transfers 

Transfer of a principal place of residence (PPR)between spouses and domestic partners has been exempt from duty since 1 July 2017, provided there is no payment or other  consideration involved.  Other types of property, e.g., holiday homes, investment and commercial properties are generally not exempt from duty. Detailed information is available at

    Registration of a change to property ownership on the Title to a property involves transferring the Title from the previous owner and recording the new owner as the proprietor on title. The fee payable is based on the price paid for the property, or the value of any non-monetary consideration. The following link will take you to the Transfer of Land Act fees calculator.

Land tax is payable on all land you own in addition to your principal place of residence (PPR) if the value is more than $300,000*. A Principle Place of Residence is exempt from land tax. If the property is held in trust, land tax applies if the value of the property is $25,000* or more.  
as at February 2023

Types of property land tax is payable on includes, 
    – investment properties, including residential rental properties
    – commercial properties such as retail shops, office premises and factories
    – holiday homes
    – vacant land

These calculators provide an estimate only and may not take into account your individual situation and should only be used as a guide.  

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