Conveyancing for Sellers
Fast, responsive contract preparation.

We meticulously ensure compliance with the Sale of Land Act by crafting a Law Institute of Victoria-recommended contract, an accurate and comprehensive Vendor’s Statement (Section 32), and provide ongoing support to your real estate agent for purchaser inquiries, ensuring absolute legal solidity in your Contract of Sale.

Robust Sale of Land Compliance

We’ll take care to ensure all your legal obligations under the Sale of Land Act are complied with, your sale secured by,

  •  a contract that complies with Law Institute of Victoria recommendations,
  •  a Vendors Statement (Section 32) that doesn’t take short cuts, that’s complete and accurate and ensures your legal responsibilities are met.

We’ll make sure your Section 32 vendor statement meets all your legal disclosure obligations and that your Contract of Sale is rock solid. We don’t take shortcuts with vendor statement inclusions. We team with your chosen real estate agent  ensuring they receive on time, comprehensive information for the purchasers they attract and ongoing access for all queries they raise.

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  • Full disclosure to the purchaser of all matters relating to the property 
  •  Simple, hassle free Verification of Identity
  •  Drafting the Contract of Sale using the Law Institute of Victoria standard form 
  •  Obtaining all title search, rate and zoning certificates, and all other necessary documents to complete Vendor Section 32 Statement 
  •  Early release of deposit – doing the paperwork required to get money into your bank account as soon as possible 
  •  Working with your bank to ensure the discharge of the mortgage 
  •  Verify the bank’s pay out figure with you 
  •  Complete legal documents including online State Revenue Duty declaration and transfer form 
  •  Checking the accuracy of the purchaser’s adjustment of local council and water rates, State land tax and body corporate levies 
  •  Keeping your bank, real estate agent and the purchaser’s legal representative informed about what’s going on  
  •  Supervise mortgage pay out, land transfer, payment of fees and charges 
  •  Notify the relevant rating authorities of your sale (including water board and  owner’s corporation). 

We’ll keep you informed about your Melbourne conveyancing work every step of the way. 

The list of information required is extensive.  It includes all known material facts about the property in addition to details of the Title as well as property certificates from a number of government departments and statutory authorities. 

It’s critical that your Vendor statement (Section 32 ) is signed by the Purchasers before they sign the contract of sale. If this doesn’t happen the Purchaser can avoid the sale. 

We’ll send you a request for initial information and contact you personally to review with you to make sure everything is included. 

Our Contracts of Sale are up to date with Law Institute of Victoria / Real Estate Institute of Victoria recommendations. We avoid tricky, unnecessary special conditions that can sometimes get in the road of a fair and uncomplicated sale of your property. 

Purchaser deposits are held in a trusts account and usually released to vendors at Settlement. Section 27 of the Sale of Land Act makes it possible to have the deposit released early in certain circumstances. While early release cannot be guaranteed, a request for an early release needs to be lodged with Purchasers legal representatives for their consent.

Access to deposit funds before settlement can help if you need access to the purchasers deposit to help with another purchase or to pay down the mortgage as soon as possible. While early release of deposit is never assured, we’ll do everything we can to support getting these funds into your bank account as soon as possible. 

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