Subdivision & Consolidation
Avoid the red tape, emails, phone calls and running about.

We’ll team with your land surveyor and the land titles office to ensure the sub-division is registered as soon as possible.  Once registered we’ve go all the information we need for any next steps including preparing contracts of sale and vendor statements for your chosen real estate agents.

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A Plan of Subdivision involves dividing a larger piece of land into smaller allotments. It’s prepared by a licensed Land Surveyor to ensure compliance with the Subdivision Act 1988 and the Planning and Environment Act 1997. 

By subdividing land you can increase the potential of the original land and provide flexible options for further development or sale.  You may also vary existing easements and restrictions with a planning permit or by a planning scheme. 

The Conveyancing Place can assist with

  • initial discussion and referral to trusted Land Surveyors.
  • liaising with your Lender for approvals that might be required to vary existing mortgages on the original land.
  • lodgement of the approved Plan of Subdivision with Land Use Victoria for the allocation of new titles.  

A plan of consolidation allows you to combining two or more parcels of land and create just one allotment. As part of this process, a plan can create, remove and vary easements and restrictions and dissolve an owners corporation. 

The Conveyancing Place can assist by

  • referring you to trusted Land Surveyors who will complete and lodge an application with the local council for approval.
  • once approved by Council, we’ll prepare and submit the application and supporting documents with Land Use Victoria so multiple titles are consolidated into a single title.
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